What to Expect as a Leaning In Spouse in Discernment Counseling

In the journey of marriage, there come moments of turbulence where one partner may contemplate divorce while the other still clings to hope. This delicate juncture often calls for Discernment Counseling, a five-session process aimed at exploring the relationship's future. For the leaning-in spouse, who desires to preserve the marriage, these sessions can be challenging and enlightening. Let's delve into what to expect in Discernment Counseling and how it can guide you through this trying time.

A Safe Space for Expression

 Discernment Counseling provides a haven for you to express your emotions freely. Whether you're grappling with anger, desperation, or resignation, your feelings are valid and will be acknowledged without judgment.

Navigating Your Goals

As the leaning-in spouse, your goal is clear: to preserve the marriage. The counselor will assist you in articulating your feelings constructively and positioning yourself emotionally and relationally with your partner.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

It's easy to fall into the trap of pursuing your partner relentlessly or distancing yourself in response to their uncertainty. The counselor will guide you towards maintaining a balanced approach, neither pushing too hard nor pulling away too far.

Building Support

During this period of uncertainty, you'll receive the support you need to refrain from making hasty decisions or abandoning hope prematurely. The counselor is there to help you navigate the pain and uncertainty with grace and resilience.

Understanding Your Partner's Perspective

Through Discernment Counseling, you'll gain insights into your partner's decision to divorce. Understanding their perspective is crucial in making your case for preserving the marriage and fostering empathy and understanding between both parties.

Self-Reflection and Growth

You'll have the opportunity to reflect on your contributions to the relationship issues and identify areas for personal growth. This self-awareness will serve you well, whether working to save the marriage or preparing for a different future.

Discernment Counseling Can Help

In essence, Discernment Counseling offers clarity and understanding in the face of marital uncertainty. While the outcome may be beyond your control, the insights gained and the support received can empower you to navigate this challenging chapter with resilience and grace. Remember, you're not alone on this journey.