Your World Is Turned Upside Down: Your Spouse Just Brought Up Divorce

In the journey of marriage, encountering a crossroads is inevitable. However, with the guidance of Discernment Counseling, couples can find clarity and direction amidst uncertainty. Join Elizabeth Doherty Thomas and Bill Doherty as they illuminate the transformative potential of Discernment Counseling in navigating marital challenges and redefining the path forward.

Discernment Counseling for Couples Considering Divorce

Short of a dreadful medical diagnosis, there is little in this world as shattering as being told your spouse is thinking of leaving you, especially if it’s without warning and comes as a surprise. We offer a few key strategies to employ right now: slow things down, not over- or under-react, and seek a service designed specifically for couples in your situation.

The mere mention of the word "divorce" can send shockwaves through a relationship. It's a crisis that upends the foundation upon which a couple has built their lives together. However, as Elizabeth and Bill emphasize, how couples respond to this crisis is crucial.

Continuing Past the Mention of Divorce

One of the most essential pieces of advice they offer is not to assume that it's the end of the road. Research shows that people fluctuate in their decision-making regarding divorce, and what might be said in a moment of crisis may not reflect long-term intentions. Instead of immediately panicking or lawyering up, they suggest taking the time to understand the underlying reasons behind the mention of divorce.

Avoid Divorce Pitfalls

Furthermore, Elizabeth and Bill caution against two common pitfalls: pursuing the spouse excessively or withdrawing from them altogether. Both approaches can exacerbate tensions and hinder the possibility of reconciliation. Instead, they advocate for maintaining a sense of self while staying connected to one's partner.

Discernment Counseling - Disrupt the Chaos

Central to their approach is the concept of Discernment Counseling, a specialized service designed for couples grappling with uncertainty about the future of their marriage. Unlike traditional couples therapy, Discernment Counseling acknowledges that one partner may be leaning out of the relationship while the other is committed to working on it. By slowing down the process and providing a structured framework for exploration, Discernment Counseling allows couples to gain clarity and insight into their situation.

What sets Discernment Counseling apart is its focus on understanding rather than immediate resolution. It provides a safe space for couples to evaluate their marriage without the pressure of trying to save it. Through individual and joint sessions, couples can delve into the root causes of their issues and explore potential paths forward, whether that involves reconciliation or separation.

Discernment Counseling - Alternative Therapy

Couples facing uncertainty in their marriage can turn to Elizabeth and Bill's insights on divorce alternatives to find a beacon of hope. By embracing the principles of Discernment Counseling and approaching the situation with openness and compassion, couples can navigate this challenging period with greater clarity and understanding.

Finding the right guidance can make all the difference in the turbulent waters of marriage. With Discernment Counseling, couples can chart a course toward a brighter future, whether together or apart. Remember, in times of uncertainty, seeking help is not a sign of weakness but a courageous step toward healing and growth.